Monday, December 15, 2014

how to knit baby hats

The chilling and cold fall and winter nights are approaching. For that, you need to prepare any warm attire for you to wear. This will of course include your babies’ outfit as well, for they are more vulnerable than us, adult. One item that will be very useful for your little baby on those chilling days is the baby hats. Somehow though, we would feel proud of ourselves and love it better if we successfully knit our baby’s hats by ourselves. Thus, for those who want to know how to knit baby hats, this is it.

The first thing you should do is to select a pattern that will fit your knitting style. Many books that provide knitting pattern are available in bookstores, even in these era, they are all spread through the internet. The best thing to do is, if you’re still a beginner; do try the beginner’s pattern first.

In order to have a soft baby hat, you should pick the yarn well; usually the most suitable is the baby yarn that is one of the softest yarns for knitting. But, if there’s no baby yarn available, cotton will still be a good replacement.

After choosing the pattern and the suitable yarn, now decide the color. Some pattern though has different colors of the yarns that you need. But usually for babies, people might choose the softer color like pastel pink or pastel blue.

Then the next step is selecting the right needles for you to need. This one will regard to the pattern you choose for different pattern needs different needle. Then, when it is done, knit a swatch to determine your gauge. When the needles don’t match the gauge, choose one size up or down of the needle.

This is the most exciting part! Knitting the hats. What you have to do is following the pattern to knit baby hat. When you are finished knitting, cast off the baby hat by weaving the ending string into the stitches of the hat. Then, block it for a more professional look.